Children's Hospital, Boston, MA 02115
                   Transfusion Medicine Service
                        Therapeutic Apheresis
              Central Venous Catheters (Double Lumen)
                  Guidelines for Apheresis Treatments
*Never use Ports, PICCs, or Cordis sheaths for Apheresis Treatments
  Femoral     Subclavian  
Medcomp 7F x 10cm (pt <25kg) Mahurkar 8F x 12cm  
Medcomp 9F x 12cm (pt >25kg) (Quinton) 8F x 15cm   
      (Small Adults)  
These lines are available in the Blood Bank Mahurkar 10F x 15cm  
after hours   (Quinton) 10F x 19.5cm   
    Mahurkar 11.5F x 13.5cm  
    (Quinton) 11.5F x 16cm  
        11.5F x 19.5 cm  
  IJ     Subclavian  
Vascath 12.5F x 12cm Medcomp 8F x 18cm  
  12.5F x 15cm   8F x 24cm  
  12.5F x 17cm      
  12.5F x 19cm Medcomp 12F x 28cm  
  12.5F x 23cm        
****Pt's <10kg: Choice for CVC at the discretion of MD
Please page the Apheresis RN On-Call for assistance: pgr #6270